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You can make any of these class topics a private MASTERCLASS in my studio, You may gather a few friends and do an ArtSpa daylong workshop. You may also expand and customize into my successful ArtBar team building events. Contact me for details! 

Lumeria Luxe: Translucent Depth and Glowing Color Techniques in polymer jewelry

Translucency endlessly fascinates us, seducing us with implications of secrets and luxury. Polymer has an extended range of clarity that reaches near transparency if understood and handled correctly, and this translucency can be colored and layered for stunning effect.

Ancient Beads and Exotic Talismans: Trebizond Techniques for Recreating Antiquities

Trebizond encompasses all the techniques I’ve invented to mimic natural materials and processes, and then take them further to create wonderful and evocative objects that radiate antiquity, personal meaning, and quirky content. In this workshop, you’ll travel to the mystical realms of Trebizond to become a master polymer artisan,  learning about your own perceptions and an enormous amount about how polymer works. 

Tiny Infinities: Unusual Rings in Polymer and Other Media

Polymer’s unique properties for manipulation, color and pattern, incorporating other media, and inventive during techniques make it a natural for innovate rings. Polymer rings are exceedingly durable. They are also surprising comfortable, and easy to wear: unaffected by water or soap or being bumped into things. Bring your ideas to this provocative workshop! 

Floribunda: Exuberant Colorful ‘Mokume Gane’ Patterning

Modeled on an ancient Japanese metalworking technique – yet much easier to learn and do in polymer – these techniques are always an inspiring workshop. Layers of color, areas of pattern, all of them varying slightly but similar in feel, are created first, then applied onto chosen media and objects. I developed this version of mokume in the early 1990s and it is a personal favorite. 

The Swing’s the Thing: Making and Using Hinges of all kinds, for jewelry 

Learn the essential properties of a hinge, how it works and what makes it not work. Make a variety of hinges from different media, including steel, wire, polymer, fabric and found objects. Explore how having areas that move and flex when in motion on a body affects your wearable art design. Leave with plenty of new inspiration and a different way of seeing! 

Golden Glow, Moonlight Shimmer: Opulent Layered Surfaces for Jewelry with Polymer Clay

Inspired by imperial textiles around the world, these gorgeous surfaces entice us with their rich complexity and detailed abundance. Learn how to manipulate the polymer clay body, then build on that  and combine various media to create opulent, intricate brooches, pendants, and other jewelry.

Colors Joyously Dancing in Air: Artist Mobiles in Mixed Media and Polymer Clay

Look up! Imagine translucent colors arching above you, or unusual shapes balanced and expansive, a sculpture in the air, or patterns and silhouettes dancing about as the breeze turns them overhead. Inside or outside, small or large, delicate or potent or provocative: mobiles captivate all of us. Polymer and mixed media are ideal materials for making mobiles. Learn the engineering basics, develop control over relationships between the elements, and begin to personalize this most elegantly whimsical of art forms 

Other workshops are available for you now: their descriptions are coming shortly.
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• Mixed Media Alchemy: All Materials Great and Small, Assemblage Techniques for Polymer Clay
• Colors Joyously Dancing in Air: Artist Mobiles in Mixed Media and Polymer Clay
• Polymer Jambalaya: A tasty introduction to polymer’s infinite range of 2D and 3D possibilities