So happy to be heading back to Australia! Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney area workshops
September 20-24   at DAP Jewellery  School,  two workshops “Floribunda” and “Lumeria Luxe” 
Coorparoo, QLD    (Brisbane area)   Contact Dan Cox 
October 1-7  at Geelong Fibre Forum,  six-day “Abundant Color”  
Geelong, VIC     (Melbourne area)    Contact Larissa Murdock
October 11-15  at Breathing Colours Gallery: free presentation, one-day “Jambalaya“,  one-day “Surface Effects“, two-day Exuberant Patterning and Hinging 
Balmain, NSW   (Sydney area)   Contact Robin Hill   
— I’ll also offer one-on-one private consultations. Contact me for details-


HANDS-ON COLOR AND TRANSLUCENCY: New Creative Possibilities with Polymer Clays
“Floribunda! Exuberant Patterning for Jewellery in Polymer”
“Lumeria Luxe: Layered Translucent Beauty for Jewellery in Polymer”

Coorparoo, QLD   (Brisbane area)
September 21-22   Floribunda! Exuberant Patterning
September 23-24   Lumeria Luxe: Translucent Beauty

Contact Dan Cox at  admin@dapjewelleryschool.com.au

How perfect, to begin my teaching trip at a jewellery school in Brisbane! Polymer is very compatible with metals and other media once you understand its characteristics. 
In our workshop you’ll receive an in-depth hands-on training in the unique properties of polymer clays: and why they are so suited to jewellery.
Durable, versatile, controllable opacity to translucence, controllable color and internal texture, able to be used as a 2-D or 3-D material…Whatever your style of design, there’s a good chance polymer can support your creative joy and expansion. 
 You’ll leave each of these workshops with at least two finished brooches, additional elements to use later, and a new material to personalize and integrate into your own artwork!
Contact me with any questions.

‘Abundant Color, Beautiful Light: Polymer Explorations’ 
details of this weeklong workshop

Geelong, Victoria, (near Melbourne)   Australia.    
October 1-7   
contact Larissa Murdoch at larissa@taftainc.com.au

I’m  thrilled to be teaching at this innovative event in Geelong!
In our workshop you’ll learn the basics and then some of the  wildly adventurous variations of this most versatile of media.
From total color, texture and translucency control, through mixed media  approaches that will amaze you, to a vast array of postbaking techniques like carving, sanding and cutting, you’ll be entranced by the possibilities. You’ll finish by incorporating other media and found objects into a hinged piece, perhaps a pendant or brooch.

You’ll leave with several pieces of wearable art, and a new material to personalize and integrate into your own artwork. 
Contact me with any questions! 

‘Polymer Extravaganza!’
Presentation, three workshops and international exhibition 
Balmain,  NSW  (Near Sydney)  Australia

October 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15   
contact Robin Hill at  robinannhill@gmail.com

October 11  Introductory presentation 
October 12  Jamabalaya Beginning Polymer Techniques 
October 13 Surface Techniques for Polymer
October 14, 15  Floribunda! Patterning in Polymer Clays for Wearable Art and More
Exhibition of Australian polymer art 

In mid-October, Breathing Colours and I will host a series of events around polymer clays, mixed media, and creative color! 
Monday October 11 I’ll do a free presentation about polymer and its applications, history, and possibilities. You may want to sign up for the workshops after you see what this responsive, colorful and wildly potential-filled medium can do. 
Wednesday through Sunday  October 12-15 are a series of workshops that build on each other but can be taken alone. We’ll begin with my one-day classic introductory workshop  ‘Jamabalya’, ‘Surfaces’, a wide range of approaches to the surface of your pieces, and end with  ‘Floribunda’, exuberant patterning in polymer clay and a couple of associated techniques that you’ll love. 
We are also planning ‘Polymer DownUnder’:  an Australia and New Zealand polymer art exhibition to show current art and artists in this medium to a wider audience. 
You’ll leave with many pieces, and a new enthusiasm for your creative potential given polymer clays’ abilities. 
Contact Robin to register. Contact me with any workshop questions. See you there!