Have you realized that there is more to your own creative work- whether in polymer, mixed media, or other art forms – than you’ve been able to bring out?

Do you want to work privately with an internationally known teacher in my gorgeous Santa Fe studio? 

Does it sound good to just arrive and find everything you need already here?

To begin work without buying and bringing materials and tools, extra gear, and miscellaneous baggage?


Ready for a private masterclass?

I specialize in focused effective work with you, wherever you are in your career.
Exploring a new medium and want comprehensive, accurate information? Already a professional in your medium, and driven to refine your vision and mastery of skills and approaches?

Wherever you are, I meet you there and show you the next steps.
All in person, with materials, your hands on your medium. 

$495.00 covers private teaching, materials, tools, handouts: an abundant and completely personalized day focused on you.

Additional info: A variety of lunch places all around. A resort hotel across the street. A wonderful inn around the corner. Ten minutes walk to the Santa Fe plaza. Whole Foods two blocks away. Plenty of parking. 

If you are ready for the next step, be in touch. Let’s talk about how to get you where you want to go, headed in the right direction for your own creative development! 
$495 includes everything. 9:30am – 4:30pm. Call to schedule your MasterClass with me.


” What an extraordinary day! I’m a professional jeweler: I knew polymer had a place in my work but hadn’t been able to find a teacher that could help me make this mine. I found you via your blog, flew out for this Masterclass and am going home with exactly what I wanted, and even more. I enjoyed myself tremendously. I got more out of today than a three-day class! Tory, your decades of experience inventing and refining approaches to polymer and art-making really show. Even better you are so generous with that information: you explain anything I ask for, and you obviously love to teach. Thank you so much!” Martha B, TX

MasterClass details
$495 includes everything. 9:30am – 4:30pm. Call to schedule your MasterClass with me.