Orrery necklace, detail, ©Tory Hughes Hello my dears!
Well that was a year…. ! we made it across the heavens! Excellent. Many things to share with you, but mostly they can wait till after the New Year.

For now I’m sending you Santa Fe greetings: Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and the eternal pendulum of the solstice gently shifting us back into the light…

Some things never change, the days changing, the sun rising over all of us in the mornings, and setting in the evenings.
Our nighttime companions, the moon and stars appearing. The laughter and friendship of those you love and who love you.

End of January I’m teaching a Trebizond imitative techniques workshop here: two places left.
I’ll run a few more classes, like February’s Mobile-Making workshop, from this studio before I move out this summer.

Wendy Moore, Natalie Mara, and me at Natalie's studio, 2017 QueenbeanMy month in Australia was everything and more: new and old friends, wonderful connections with places and communities, and even more interest in the aesthetic and creative community in Oz.
@toryhughes and @inner.sherpa, my Instagram feeds, have more images.

Over the last couple months I have been telepathically sending you artist goodies: clear golden light, unusually sumptuous color combinations, glorious drives across the New Mexico high desert, snow and sunshine and sparkling winter clarity. Despite The Flu really zapping me. Hope no one else had it like I did: my best laid plans to be in touch with you fell apart. I had to learn to be okay with that .Feh.

Meanwhile! Your special non-physical holiday gifts from Santa Fe (and elsewhere) have already started to arrive- have you noticed? Unexpected encounters with like-minded people. Moments of great clarity that amaze you with the beauty around you.
Magical arrays of colors and shapes that particularly inspire you, caught out of the corner of your eye, Sudden insight into new technical tweaks that shift a problem into an opportunity. New people who want to see your work, who appreciate what you’re doing…

Above all I’m sending you the deepening knowledge that as a creative artist, you really do have this covered.
You know how to do this, you know what you’re about. You know that the more you enjoy the process, the more delight its stages will provide you.

My very best solstice wishes to all of you as the days expand and the energy flows back into our world!
Hugs all around,