Lumeria' series brooch, Tory Hughes©2014 polymer, acrylic, gold leaf

Well hello there!
I hope your weather is at least half as lovely as ours, because it is absolutely glorious here today: puffy white clouds, cerulean-blue sky, extra sunlight flooding everywhere, clouds of pink and white blossoms on fruit trees and new green leaves on all the others. There’s a crisp breeze that makes outdoor activities invigorating and indoor activities delicious. Art-making, for example, an indoor activity that engages and energizes. 

There are so many wonderful things to be doing. Reading a blogpost on Your Device can wait for later. 

In honor of spring and general initiatory mischievousness today’s post is short and full of hijinks and links~

Lumeria Koi Pond Brooch polymer, acrylic, gold leaf Tory Hughes©2014

Workshops: Looking for classes?
My SCHEDULE page is filling up again.

Register for Ancient Beads and Talismans May 5-7 

Golden Glow and Moonlight Shimmer June 23-25 ,

Tiny Infinities, Unusual Rings July 11-13 

and pay your deposit right from the page: a Paypal link is right there for you.
Only 8 people per class, and they are starting to fill so register soon.
Everything is included, no need to bring anything!

'Lumeria' series Golden Beak Brooch Tory Hughes©2012 Polymer, acrylic, gold leaf, gold wire

Santa Fe classes are happening through end of July.
Classes in Australia in September and October.

Interested in any of these classes but the dates don’t work?
If you have a small group and want a particular workshop contact me, we can make it happen.

Private Masterclass spots are available to help you refine approaches and techniques.
To the left is Chifonie – Christine from France in our masterclass. We’ve been having much constructive fun and eyeopening exploration with these over the last few weeks! 


A special nod to my Australia classes:
Brisbane in late September at DAP Jewellery School,
first week in October at the Geelong Fibre Forum near Melbourne, and a mid-October polymer extravaganza in Sydney at Breathing Colours, including an international exhibition as well as workshops and presentations.
Contact info is on my Australia Workshops page, or be in touch with me directly.
image is from Bombus Off The Peg

Please prioritize your own well-being right now. You are so important to this world and your local community! 

Been thinking about the concept of faith.
Despite attempts by the right to take over the idea of Faith, our wiring to profoundly believe and be nourished by our faith is older and deeper than any religion. This can take any form!
We move through our lives because of our faith. Forms of faith are as numerous as individual people.
This has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with your most private inner inviolable life.  Love your faith. 


Staying sane:
Walking, strolling hiking and anything else that gets us OUTSIDE amongst greenery and sunshine.
Nature is the biggest restorative there is, endlessly ready to soothe. Bigger than anything we can do. She always wins in the end. Remember she is on our side. We evolved inside this unspeakably beautiful and complex system. It will always reconnect us.
Making things: Fabricating, inventing, tinkering, building, constructing, designing. Just do it. We’re the creating species, Homo Creativus
Reading: At the moment. Geography of Genius by Eric Weiner Going Postal by Sir Terry Pratchett.  Love Poems from God translated by Daniel Ladinsky 
Instagram: Am loving this app, for others’ pics and insights into cultures and ideas, as well as a place to keep connected. Pictures of my artwork, of work in progress, and of landscape and cityscape compositions. Found imagery. 

Phew! Alrightee then. The image is of a local sculpture of the VIrgin of Guadalupe: her radiance embodied in cast bronze as she keeps watch over Santa Fe.