Lumeria' series brooch, Tory Hughes©2014 polymer, acrylic, gold leaf

Hello there you-

What a BUSY few weeks it’s been!

Much work at my studio: in part of a new Lumeria jewelry series called Lumelle.
The first piece, a brooch that can also be a pendant, is shown here. Lumelle Zoe, 3.5″ long. Polymer and mixed media.

The Lumelle pieces derive from new wall pieces I am developing.

Here, ‘Skipping from fall to spring except the solstice”, 14″ x 14″ x 3″, mixed media and yes there is some polymer in here as well.
This one is the first of many, a prototype for new materials and processes that allow much bigger pieces. I’ve always wanted to take my work bigger. As Cynthia at PCD said about this piece today, this is “beyond the brooch” despite its similarities. Refining my photography as well..

Lumeria Koi Pond Brooch polymer, acrylic, gold leaf Tory Hughes©2014

Your own creative presence always grounds your artwork.

Taking a deep breath and deepening the connection with your “wild and precious life” (poet Mary Oliver) brings meaning and potency to whatever your art form.

To that end, our upcoming workshop “Ancient Beads and Exotic Talismans” will include a couple of art games, fun exercises that will show you what the heck is in there…

Like the garage or the attic, there is lots of good stuff tucked away in your mind and heart that you’d benefit from, if you could find the box you packed it in.

Creative play helps you find those boxes, and they are full of important dreams and tangible symbols. Making and wearing your own totemic jewelry can mean using your own dreams and symbols whether overt or covert, in your work. Enjoy the quiet confidence and delight this will bring you.

Wearing your own work, and knowing precisely ‘what you the artist mean by this’, adds s special ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your day as well. Ancient Beads and Exotic Talismans, May 5-7, Santa Fe. $350 includes everything. Spaces are filling up, please click here to pay the deposit of $150 to hold your spot. Like-minded friends without much polymer experience are welcome. This small class size (8 maximum) lets me do plenty of individual work with each of you. This is a Trebizond workshop, so there may be camels, and figs, and dense black coffee…. 
Enjoy your potential filled days until we talk again!     Tory