Hello there youall
– Talking with clients this week provoked these thoughts:
Creativity from Chaos.
Sounds mythic, full of archetypes, like an origin story from ancient peoples.
Archetypal figures and experiences are embedded in us, just below the surface when we scratch an existential itch.

Lumeria Koi Pond Brooch polymer, acrylic, gold leaf Tory Hughes©2014

For every current moment, there is an origin story going on.
For each person individually, and for different levels of the collective culture, on the mythic level we are always at the beginning of The Story.

Archetypes are the points around which our individual characters become part of the Origin Story

Simultaneously, entering the archetypal realm deliberately means you activate your point of power, the current moment, and can take back your own unique abilities.


Said another way,
when you begin to act rather than react,
when you take a step back and see the larger picture,
you then decide where you want to be, rather than allow others to back you into identities that serve them.

You’ve re-taken charge of your mind and your life. 

Now you can tell your own origin story, from this moment forward. You are in charge.
No media feeds, no pseudo-political personalities, can run your mind and your life anymore.


When you allow others to tell your story, many of them will tell a story of your lack of power, your fears and anxieties, your despair.
This lets them use your power for themselves, or worse, silence your powerful voice so that they do not have to answer you. See ‘Inside The Beltway’ for examples

We are at this moment in an enormous Origin Story, and each of us is being confronted by the Archetypal Self  that we’ve been developing but have mostly hidden from all these years.

This era is forcing all of us through a rite of passage, yet it is the enormous gift we came here for. This testing and refining is convincing us to give up old ideas of compliance that seemed to promise protection, and instead saying ‘Time to live for yourself. Trust yourself to live fully. Trust that your instincts are sound, even if those around you don’t get it at first.’ 

Bottom line: Go for it, whatever it is. You know what you want to do. This is the time. 
To be continued.