lightning far away
late summer evening
fireflies in quiet darkness

– Tory Hughes, 2002


Meaning ‘bring the new into being’. IE the act of creation. You do this effortlessly.

Complexity theory says that robust intricate dynamic systems, like human beings alone and in groups, can develop ‘emergent properties’.

These are behaviours that could not have been predicted as the sum of smaller individual parts, but are an entirely new property altogether. The susurration of swallows. Wheeling schools of fish. Snowflakes arising from individual water molecules.

Creativity is the dominant emergent property of human beings.
Innovation arises, and is greater than, all the smaller individual parts of our being.

Heart, mind, intuition, instinct, education, love, anguish, self-awareness- all that you’ve evolved, all that you incorporate within yourself. All combines into something new, an innovation, with each of your choices.

You generate something new each time you act
You are a full-time innovator.

Every time you begin a conversation, choose what to wear, make up a little song while driving, kiss your partner, vote for your values, plant a garden – each action you take sparks a new form of something into your life.
You innovate constantly. You helplessly create. You cannot avoid it.
The only remaining question is how deliberate you are about it.

You are, after all, in charge of all those aspects that make you You, and come together in what you create in a new form every day.

If you know how to practice and direct your purposeful innovations, large and small, excellent! The time is ripe, simply succulent, for you to emerge and innovate.
If you want to pursue this further but are not sure how to do it, I offer books and coaching programs to help you get all those glorious aspects together, and begin creating with deliberation. Be in touch.

Like a butterfly emerging, once you start to flutter your wings, you’ll never go back to being a butterfly.

All my best wishes for your success- Tory