Atelier Hughes Gallery News for April 2016

Posted: April 6, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 7-Categories: creative process

Hello my friends- You probably don’t realize how much you’ve been on my mind over the last month, since there’s been not a peep from me. Judging by what I’ve heard from you, though, many, or most, of us have been immersed in unexpected change, some of it good, some challenging, all just right for now. As they say […]

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Good Shapes

Posted: February 21, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 1-Categories: creative process

Surface and form… Beautiful surface effects need a shape to adorn, or they just lie there, limp, on your table. And a sensually pleasing shape is enhanced by deliberate surface, particularly if the minimalism of the surface draws attention to its form. Some artists relate more to surfaces, others to dimensional forms. Long ago I found myself in the latter group, and the […]

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Santa Fe Hotel News Flash+Info for Koi Pond

Posted: February 9, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: creative process

Hello all- In brief, so you can jump on this if desired: the Hotel Santa Fe right across the street from our workshops is having a sale, through March, and doubles are $139 including breakfasts! Come join the workshop, enjoy a luxury hotel, walk across the street to the studio, then to the plaza! More […]

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IE: Furisode Textile Surface Effects + Design

Posted: February 8, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: creative process

If you have’t yet delved into Japanese textile design you’re in for such a treat! Making gorgeous fabrics since 550 AD seems to be their motto. My alltime favorite: This coral and gold kimono, from the 18th C and now in the Kyoto Museum designated an ‘Important Cultural Property’. Sumptuously showcasing silk weaving, yuzen and shibori dying […]

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Inspirations: Translucency and patterning

Posted: February 4, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 3-Categories: creative process

We’re all endlessly mesmerized by translucency. It reveals the less-seen to us, the slightly hidden, and rewards attention. Translucency returns me to childhood, to the intimate worlds I found in ponds and tide pools that were all mine to explore. Do you remember wading in the cool waters of a nearby creek or beach when you were young? Mud between […]

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I.E:: Japanese early 20th C black lacquer hibachi

Posted: January 24, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: creative process, inspiration

How we look at things is the foundation for how we make things. In sharing how I look at the world around me, you’re invited to notice more, and respond to more, of your own world. The longer posts on my site are a survey of inspirations. This series goes deeper with single objects. First […]

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Swimming in Clear Beauty

Posted: January 24, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 5-Categories: creative process

Flying. Floating. Looking into secret realms. Seeing through layers. Translucent scrims covering colors images and patterns… There’s a kind of magic in revealing depth this way, a sleight of the creative hand and aesthetic eye. When I first began using Fimo translucent, in the late 1970s, I had two goals: exploring processes and materials to […]

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Gretchen Brock, Ace Assistant, and 2016 Workshop Schedule!

Posted: January 17, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: creative process

“Hello from the assistant’s office at Tory’s new studio! I was asked to write a guest blog post to tell you a little more about myself. I also want to let you know my email address at gretchen@toryhughes.com is up and running, and answered daily for all inquiries. I’m looking forward to meeting you in […]

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Time, it’s everywhere you want to be

Posted: January 10, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 6-Categories: creative process

Partly prompted by our upcoming ‘Ancient Artifacts’ workshop (it’s sold out, thank you!), I’ve been thinking about how much we like things that are old. Sometimes really old. Objects develop a personality along with us, as we all move forward in time.  As creatives, we respond directly to what we surround ourselves with. I see my collection […]

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Amber’s Solid Gold

Posted: January 3, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 2-Categories: creative process

 Covetous humans have sought amber for adornment and healing for at least 13,000 years, back to the Paleolithic. Technically ‘paleolithic’ means ‘ancient stone’ since that was the source of their tools. Although given those early humans were already captivated by amber’s magically glowing golden translucency and characteristic light weight, maybe we should call it the […]

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Out and In! Happy New Year 2016

Posted: January 1, 2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 5-Categories: creative process

Hello all you creative sparks! Time to take a deep breath, relax from deep within, and release the experiences of last year. Let it all go now. Let’s head out into this shiny year coming up and explore with curiosity and confidence! Letting go of last year means the new knowledge those experiences brought us will remain. Part of […]

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Ah Winter!

Posted: December 24, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 5-Categories: creative process

Santa Fe Plaza Winter 2015 Hello youall! Here in Santa Fe, northern hemisphere, Monday night’s solstice got us properly settled into the winter season.  At the same time, the universe being what it is, the days have started to gradually lengthen. Friends gather, lights sparkle, bursts and bustles of interactivity happen along and sweep us […]

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New News, New World

Posted: December 6, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 2-Categories: creative process

Hello there all you wondrous creative agents- Welcome to the winter holidays in Santa Fe! Lot of water under the bridge since we spoke….In the words of Sir Terry, ‘I ain’t dead yet!’ Instead hijinks have ensued non-stop. ….Oh, you too, eh? Here, a catch-up in brief. • A New Move: from that beautiful studio on […]

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Moving Along

Posted: November 6, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 3-Categories: creative process

When I was a kid we moved every two or three years (corporate papa) and the mystery and possibilities in clustered furniture, unusual nooks and crannies, and child-sized hiding places behind boxes still gives me a thrill. Yes, it is true, this Upper Canyon Road Studio is fading behind in the rearview mirror of life. […]

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Posted: July 17, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 17-Categories: creative process

Allo you- A pause to rest: My best-laid plans to consistently share short images and notes were foiled yet again when on the last day of our Take Two workshop with Carol Blackburn, I tripped backwards in a rather spectacular accident as I pointed up at a mobile to demo, resulting in a concussion and cracked wrist. […]

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Snip snip snippets

Posted: June 13, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 4-Categories: artists in Santa Fe, book arts, community

Allo you! Nice to have your company. Interesting short newslettes for you: This tiny origami robot from a joint MIT/TU Munich project has all sorts of possibilities. Click on the link to see a video of it in action. What would you do? Both of my entries in the Santa Fe Book Arts Show at […]

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Posted: June 8, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 4-Categories: creative process, design, inspiration

please click through to the blog to comment! Thanks. Allo you! We were talking, an Inner Sherpa client, and me, about what makes work special. Swivel-your-head special. ‘Unexpectedness’ came up. We talked about it and I wanted to share the ideas with you, they were interesting. What brings your eye back to something? Makes you […]

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Mixed Media Bookishness…part one

Posted: June 1, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 6-Categories: book arts, creative process, mixed media

… and come to think of it, words are complete abstractions. Meanwhile, I got far enough on my newest artist book to see what it can be, and want to finish it carefully. I entered other books in the BAG Rotunda Show and will share pics from the opening with you. This book though will […]

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Coffee Refills

Posted: May 31, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 10-Categories: creative process

> Apologies if you receive this a second time. Am still learning the mobile app for WP. Thanks!> Well my little chickadees- Comments back from you> Artspeak as quoted in this morning’s post isn’t appropriate language here. Frankly, that was as much as I have patience for too. But the ideas were interesting, and you […]

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Sunday Morning Coffee

Posted: May 31, 2015-Likes: 0-Comments: 6-Categories: creative process

” [The artist’s] ability to hone his abstract work to the minimal elements of reference while still holding a specific content has more to do with multicultural postmodernity than it does with earlier Euromodernist ideals of non-objective abstraction. “He is advancing Euro-platonic notions of ‘pure’ abstraction by returning them to the indigenous roots from which […]

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