Cutting through Creative Confusion

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Polymer clay mokume gane technique and fabricated silver bezel from Tory Hughes

We’re two months into 2011. Ten more months to go.
What does this mean for your life and art?

Time is our primary creative material, you’ve heard me say that before.
Times now, as we all know, move faster and more relentlessly than they ever have.

All of us feel slightly or hugely overwhelmed.
All of us are responding by doing things differently. Maybe better, maybe not so much.
All of us have a choice to use this increasing pace on our own behalf.

It’s all about TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation is the result of

Got creativity?

You really are a creative being.
Your choice. Your response.
Your transformation.

If not now, when?
If not you, who?

If you are paying attention to your life and art, you know what would benefit you.
Often it is not doing what the world tells you.
Always, to pay attention and to act on what you find
will require courage.
You’ll have to learn to believe your own mind and heart before you believe others.

What else can you do, really?
Find your own pathway
between the hype and the panic
to the sweet spot for you.

You’ll know what it is because it will scare you and excite you at the same time.
For some it’s spending more time in the studio.
For some it’s getting certified in yoga.
For some it’s exploring new communities and finding connections.

For all of us it’s taking risks and changing.

Not changing is now less safe, less secure, than changing.
The gift and the curse of these times. Unavoidable but true.

Start at your own next step. You know what you need to do.
Do it now, because this moment will never return.
The gift – no curse attached – is that the more YOU you put in your moments,
the more your moments are YOURS.

What one important and do-able action can you practice this week?

In your studio.
In your life.
In your heart and mind.
One week, seven days, ten minutes a day.

Practice this mental or physical action for ten minutes a day.


Tell me what happens.

Does this feel compelling but challenging to do on your own?
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