Creativity=Radical Gratitude, Extreme Patience and a Will of Iron

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Making things involves, well, everything.
When you commit to a creative practice-
when you say ” I can’t not make things!”, and mean it-
you take on a new lifestyle.

You expand your awareness
You develop dexterity and control.
You refine your ability to focus.
(or why would so many of you request my HA on Focus?)

You cannot not grow and change as you create.

This is why I keep telling you how powerful you are.
Not everyone is willing to do this.

Did you know that people all over the world, in all different media, use this exact phrase?
“I can’t NOT make things”

So what happens when you say that?

Look: Radical Gratitude
> Artists are the Go-To people for awareness of what is happening.
Being sensitive is a job requirement, as is mastering its use.

Two options arise immediately, and weave around each other:
We can get cynical and bitter,
or we can start to see the raw beauty of Life happening everywhere in everything.

Radical gratitude arises as we become thankful for the sheer transformative power of all we experience.
We may not like it, on a personality level.
Our creating selves, though, perceive the intense, passionate love affair that reality is carrying on around us, and we catch our breaths at its enormity

Radical gratitude is not volitional:
it’s being struck with gratitude for the process of Deep Creation, all of it.
For naked beauty in the smallest and largest of events: tiny weeds splitting apart concrete highways, to the 2 billion years required to create the Grand Canyon, way before humans were a possibility.
For the moment of insight into your struggles when you get it- Damn!-that you wouldn’t be where you are now if you hadn’t gone through all that.
For the astonishingly unlikely combination of optic nerves and the nuclear fusion of the sun, which allow you to notice almost 2,000,000 different colors and then try to mix them with your art materials.
What would you add here?

Extreme Patience
Creativity transforms the tiniest whisper of neuro-electrical impulses
through successive stages into, oh, the Hoover Dam,
or the Sphinx, or the city of Petra, or the Falkirk Wheel, or the Mona Lisa, or Don Giovaaaaaanni!

Imagine the perseverance and self-direction required to focus on that tiny whisper, that hunch, and not give up, or look away.
We keep after that idea until it exists in a physical form.
Artists are excellent at not blinking.
Artist, inventors, innovators: we cultivate extreme patience.
Imagine the patience to go from chipping arrowheads to the Martian Rover.
Imagine all those thoughts of yours, inside your mind since you were a little kid, still in there waiting for you to give them life.
Incidentally, patience also means knowing when to stop waiting and do it.
Just a thought.

Will of Iron
Creativity is all about will.
“I will make this”. “I cannot not do this”.
Of course, life is also all about creativity.
Creative action, your will and your life are verrrrry closely related.

To demand that Nothing go through everything needed to become Something is Will.
To require yourself to do whatever it takes to bring the unseen into reality is Will.
To learn whatever is necessary, to keep pursuing what you need to do what you have to do, is Will.

Artists need to develop wills of iron to deal with the effects of awareness and intention.

Gratitude for the unique idea and sensitivity.
Patience like a tiger in the grass.
Will to bring your idea into reality.

Next time you feel like you don’t make a difference, think about all this!


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Best to all

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Live long and prosper!
(now that was a magnificent creative act by Gene Rodenberry, pulling in energy from across the cosmos. I want to create like that!)

Okay really, bye.

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