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Tory Hughes, Racine Art Museum

Since 1984, I’ve been a working artist. Now my jewelry and sculpture are  in permanent collections of the MFA Boston, the MAD New York, RAM, and others. In late 2011, RAM – the Racine Art Museum – mounted “TerraNova”, a watershed show and symposium confirming polymer’s place in the international art world. I was one of eight artists honored with a large exhibition and retrospective at this show,

Lumeria Brooch 'Ellis' with techniques I invented in the mid 1990's then refined in the mid-2010s. Detail

I’ve invented a number of influential polymer techniques and teach them internationally. Here, a layered painterly translucent process from my Lumeria series.’Ellis’ brooch, detail. I began developing these polymer techniques in the mid-1990’s; and have refined them through the years.

Mandala Box, a sculpture of mine from 1997 with text, interpreted from classic Tibetan Buddhist cosmology. Detail.

Construction as well as surfaces fascinate me, and engineering and geology prompt inventions constantly.. Here, a multipley-hinged sculpture from 1997 combines my imitative techniques with various hinging and construction techniques I developed for moving sculptures. ‘Mandala Box’ sculpture, partially open.

Mobiles and Air Sculptures have captivated me the last few years.

We all love to look up, enchanted by the light and air above us. Here in northern New Mexico the skies are magical, animated, light-filled. Expanding on ideas for mobiles and elevated artworks have recently been compelling me.”Float” detail. About 40″ across depending on breezes. Lovely to sleep beneath its shimmers. Detail

Atelier Hughes in the Railyard, downtown Santa Fe: my gallery and studio. Be in touch and come visit!

A view across Atelier Hughes, my gallery and studio in the Railyard, in downtown Santa Fe. Call and come visit! We’re open by chance and appointment for retail sales and creative playfulness. Say hello, chat about what you love, commission a piece for a special event or for your home, pick up a workshop schedule, browse books and DVDs. Email or call for a rendezvous- see you soon!