About Me

Since 1984, I’ve been a working artist, internationally known for inventive dimensional work in mixed media and polymer, exploring ideas of artisan lineage, personal voice and spiritual expression, and investigating contemporary beauty. My techniques are used worldwide to expand artists’ concepts for polymer.
The MFA Boston, the MAD New York, RAM Racine Art Museum, and other public and private venues have my work in their permanent collections.

I teach workshops internationally on artmaking, polymer, and creative development: I also coach and give private masterclasses at my studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What’s New?

Unexpected Everywhere

Your world is constructed from what you see, and what you decide about it.
Your big brain sifts and analyzes, comparing what you see now to what you’ve seen before. To do this, your brain must look backward.

At the same time, your hunches, emotions, physical senses, habits of thought, hopes and dreams blends together as you decide what to do. Your intuitive self looks forward.
These two types of perception combine and become your unique human awareness. No one else has the perceptions you have.You choose every moment where to put your attention, what to believe, how to dream. You can direct your awareness to feel inspired, or discouraged, or exultant, or calm, or appreciative. All of these choices will influence the next set of experiences you have. By being more deliberate in your choice of feeling, you focus your life into the experiences you desire. The unexpected becomes a gift, inviting you to come even closer to what you want.
The unexpected is everywhere. Look for it. It wants to play with you.

Production: The Others
Directed and Produced: The Others
Date: Barcelona – October 2016

Abigail C. Ontario

Today’s session of creative coaching was really something! I had no idea that working with a coach could be so powerful and so expansive. My view of who I am and the increased confidence I can bring to my artwork has shifted tremendously. And I know it is real! Thank you so much for today. It was awesome! You are awesome!…I am now lying in bed looking forward with excitement to tomorrow morning when I will make some beads… I can picture them perfectly, and am determined to make them whether or not that voice sneaks in and tries to tell me they’re boring, or crafty, or whatever…Thanks Tory!

Rae D. Texas

Tory, I loved it! The best private class ever. I’ve taken group classes with others but they didn’t engage me at the level I knew was possible for myself with this material. Long ago I was told that if you want the best education you should search out the one at the top of her fields: these people are open and generous in their teaching because they have nothing to prove. It’s true! I now know how to connect my creativity abilities and goals with all polymer’s possibilities. How exciting! Thank you!

Jane S. Oregon

Tory Hughes coached me artistically for several years, expanding my creative range and confidence about self-expression, and helping me get over long-time family-based obstacles to my creativity. Because our private work was so effective, I invited her to facilitate a three-day gathering of 10 women. We all came together to explore ideas of creativity and our inner lives through hands-on, writing and dialoguing practices. The result was everything I’d dreamed of. Tory designed and guided transformational
group activities, while giving plenty of individual attention to each of us.

Betty N. California

Thank you, Tory, for the work we did together. Our conversations have bubbled up from time to time as I’ve continued refining my new voice in my artwork. In my ‘mind’s ear’ I can hear us talking about how to encourage the unexpected, to experiment without an eye on the outcome and to just play…
It doesn’t feel so new anymore. I don’t feel like I’m making a version or variation of someone else’s idea… I am accepting myself as I learn that some things just take time. I needed to make a lot of work in the process of developing this new language and really, developing a new way to think about art making.
Thank you so much for being a significant part of this process!

Beth K. Maryland

Thank you, my Magnificent Mentor Magique for your ever-inspiring moves forward to new projects. You are such an inspiration!!! Just wanted to let you know how very important for me working with you has been, and how grateful I am for you!!!